Our company offers a variety of highly engaging, content-driven fantasy sports style games. We deliver these games to our clients as a part of a full service gaming solution that is focused on maximizing revenue, strengthening brand awareness and recognition, and increasing customer engagement and loyalty.


Our games are built to offer a multitude of integrated advertising opportunities, creating impressions in online, print, and email form. All game pages contain ample space for advertisements and can be easily customized to accommodate any combination of standard-sized banners to meet the specific needs of individual clients.

Increased Impressions

Social Betworks develops content-driven games that provide end users with an unparalleled gaming experience. Our content-rich games produce highly engaged users, leading to longer, more frequent visits, resulting in increased impressions.


All of our games can be easily customized to accommodate single or multiple third-party sponsors. We work closely with our clients to incorporate and integrate sponsors into our games through custom designs, widgets, and more.
Our Gold Product customers are provided the unique opportunity to sell sponsorships mid-game or create new sponsored contests at any point throughout the duration of their license, allowing them to capitalize on sponsorship opportunities as their games gain traction and increased popularity.

Ad Support

To ensure that our clients are able to maximize the revenue generating potential of our games, our company offers support in selling ad spaces.

Custom Gaming Experience

All of our games can be easily customized and configured to meet a wide range of client needs and objectives. As a part of every licensing agreement, our company provides a complimentary skinning, which customizes the game to fit the look and feel of individual websites and brands. For clients that want to achieve an even more unique gaming experience, we provide full game and logo designs, as well as custom development services.

Integrating with Existing Content

We work closely with clients, who want to offer their users a more integrated gaming experience, to incorporate existing content into and around the games in order to further strengthen brand awareness.

Beyond a Single Contest

Social Betworks enables its clients to build lasting brands.
While our company provides solutions to meet a variety of customer objectives, including one-time promotional contests, our Gold Product Packages particularly cater to clients that want to establish and grow a lasting presence in the fantasy sports and gaming space by offering multiple games or contests throughout the year.


Each contest created for one of our games generates widgets that can be customized, skinned, and used to promote our client's brand on partner or affiliate sites.

Customer Transitioning

Our company offers clients with established offline businesses, such as newspapers, magazines, and radio stations, a perfect opportunity to strengthen their online presence by converting existing offline audiences to e-customers through the offering of our games.

Increase Memberships

Game sign ups represent a valuable opportunity for our clients to increase user memberships and subscriptions.

Our Gold Product customers are offered the option of having a fully integrated game registration process to allow the sharing of all user information.

Engaged Users & More Frequent Visits

Social Betworks develops rich, content-driven games that provide end users with an unparalleled gaming experience. By offering these games to their customers our clients create more engaged users and experience longer, more frequent visits.


In addition to providing highly engaging games for our customers to deliver to their users, for our most popular games, we also offer exciting prizes to be awarded to winning participants. These prizes can be easily and affectively leveraged to strengthen our clients marketing efforts and further encourage user registrations.

Start Up & Operational Costs

Acquiring and operating high quality fantasy sports games can be an extremely expensive proposition with massive start-up costs and burdensome ongoing expenses. In response to these existing barriers to entry, our company offers a range of affordable and flexible gaming solutions, making the possibility of offering fantasy sports style games a feasible and exciting reality for our customers. Not only does Social Betworks minimize clients' startup costs, our company also eliminates the day to day operational expenses and responsibilities associated with offering these games by providing all hosting, maintenance, and user support related services as apart of every licensing agreement.

Unmatched Value

All Social Betworks games are built to exceed the highest standards in fantasy gaming. While our company specializes in delivering games to its clients within budget, the quality of the gaming experience is never sacrificed.


All of our company's games are offered in at least two editions, each of which is geared toward meeting the specific needs and budget of a different type of customer or business. In addition to the built-in flexibility of our product line, our company takes a client by client approach to its licensing agreements and prides itself on its ability to develop attractive solutions to meet almost any budget.

Robust, Flexible Gaming Platforms

Our gaming platforms are developed using the latest, most advanced technology. All of our products are built with the highest level of flexibility, enabling us to quickly and easy customize and configure games to meet the specific needs of individual clients. In addition to the flexibility of our gaming platforms, all of our games are fully scalable to handle unlimited amounts of user traffic without having any effect on performance.